Simple Maple Wand


Who uses K.N. Edwards Company wands?

The wands created by our Woodsmith, Kent, are always made with real wood and/or crystals. They have been purchased by many people! Customers we have had are:

  • Wiccans and Pagans who use them in their magical practice.
  • LARPers and Cosplayers for props.
  • People who love to collect fantasy props; such as Harry Potter style wands.

Specifications on this Maple Wand:

This is an actual MAPLE WAND, approximately 16″ long. This wand is “nude” and coated with beeswax to protect the wood.

Maple is believed to:

  • Be excellent for cleansing
  • Enhancing intellectual pursuits, acquiring knowledge, and communication.
  • Works well when concerning beauty, binding and abundance.

Before shipping, the wand will be cleansed and may smell of incense.

Each unique wand is handcrafted with fine quality and love. You will not be disappointed, it is worth every penny.

*Note that wands are tools and that magick is within the beholder. This wand and it’s maker are not responsible for any outcomes that may happen. A wand is like a hammer. A hammer cannot build a house on it’s own, just as a wand cannot make magick on it’s own.

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There are no design plans when placing the wood on the lathe, which makes each piece truly unique.

Materials include:

  • Maple
  • Beeswax
  • Intuition
  • Magick