Orange Quartzite, Crackle Glass, and Celtic Knot/Witch’s Knot Stretch Bracelet


This stretch bracelet is approximately 7.5″ and made with orange quartzite, crackle glass beads, and silver plated Celtic Knot/Witch’s Knot spacers. It comes in an organza bag and can be upgraded to a gift box if choosing the gift wrap option at checkout.

History of the Witch’s Knot

The Witch’s Knot can be drawn in one continuous line, meaning that one can draw it without ever having to pick the pen up off the paper. This makes it symbol of protection. In history, witches used knotted cords to ‘tie up’ the weather, to create circles of protection and to bind things magically. Many people back in the Middle Ages use to scratch the Witch’s Knot over the doorways to their homes and stables to protect them from negativity entering it. Today many modern witches have chosen this symbol as their symbol of choice.

Quartzite is believed to:

  • Stabilize positive changes by anchoring them in the fabric of your physical and subtle bodies.
  • Help prevent you from slipping back to your old state after you undergo any uplifting change, such as a healing or spiritual experience.

If this item isn’t for you, please feel free to check out some of our other jewelry.

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