Luster Hematite/Hemalyke Fairy Earrings


These earrings are made with multi luster hematite/hemalyke beads and silver toned fairy charms. The hooks are silver plated and they are approximately 2″ from the top of the hook. They come in an organza bag and can be upgraded to a gift box if choosing the gift wrap option at checkout.

Hemalyke vs Hematite

Hematite is naturally occurring and too brittle to use in jewelry making. Hemalyke is simply reconstituted hematite. It is ground, mixed with a binder, and placed in molds. So hemalyke is identical to hematite but is less brittle and more beader-friendly.

*Note that hematite is soluble in acid so keep it away from household chemicals. Not that any one of us would put our jewelry in contact with such solutions!

Hematite is believed to:

  • Be excellent in grounding and balancing energy.
  • Be a powerful aid to stimulate the mind.
  • Enhance memory and evoke deep thought.

Taking Care of Your Plated Jewelry

  • Avoid storing your jewelry in moist environments, like your bathroom. It is best to store them in dry and shady places like a drawer, or a jewelry box where they are not exposed to the open air or moisture as these can cause the jewelry to change color (oxidation), darken or fade out. Storing them correctly will lengthen their life span and assure your jewelry lasts longer. It is also important to keep them separate from each other, to avoid any scratching or tangling.
  • Plating finishes may wear off by direct contact with the skin for a prolonged time. It is also best not to shower with your plated jewelry. With earrings and necklaces, the plating wears off after a much longer time.
  • Plated jewelry is easy to clean, just rinse them in cool, lukewarm water and don’t forget to dry them off when you are done. The shine may wear off after a while, if this happens, simply rub the jewelry with the tips of your fingers that are usually naturally oily, and shine them up. You can also use cotton wipes to make them shine brightly again.

If this item isn’t for you, please feel free to check out some of our other jewelry.

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