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OOAK Cedar Wand with Quartz

This is one of K.N. Edwards Company's handcrafted large magic cedar wands or scepters. It has been lathe turned, shaped, sanded, stained, and finished with beeswax. It has a beautiful large quartz crystal on the top. These wooden wands have been used by wiccans, pagans, LARPers, and cosplayers.

This beautifully handcrafted OOAK wand/scepter was created by our Woodsmith, Kent. It is made from cedar and has a large quartz on top. It took 3 days to shape the wood, sand, stain, wax, and set the stone. We’re very proud of how it turned out, it’s definitely our favorite! It is stained cherry, which when paired with the natural cedar color gives it a red-orange tint, and coated with beeswax to protect the wood.

Each OOAK wand is handcrafted with fine quality and love. You will not be disappointed, it is worth every penny.

Custom items available upon request.

View it here in our Etsy Shop.

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